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To view the Certification Programs for each instrument, please select its corresponding logo.

To enquire about other programs in the Asia Pacific region, or to express your interest in a public or in-house program in your location, please contact us.

Certification Programs

Each instrument represented by The Myers-Briggs Company addresses one or more areas that impact individual, team and organisational performance. These include:

  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Team development
  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Change management
  • Career exploration and transition
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Talent retention

The majority of instruments are ‘restricted’ and require certification to ensure that they are being used for the purpose for which they were designed and that they are being administered and interpreted correctly.

The Myers-Briggs Company offers Certification Programs that will qualify you in the professional and ethical administration of these instruments. Upon successful completion of any of our programs, you will gain a certificate of qualification to purchase and use the corresponding instrument and its reports.


If you need to justify your future MBTI® Certification Program investment or any other of our training programs, please download this letter, which covers many key points that you can share.


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