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Consulting Services

How can we help your organisation realise the competitive advantage of its leaders, teams and individual employees?

The Myers-Briggs Company’s experienced consulting team does this by providing our clients with psychological insight and tailored development solutions to reveal and unlock the potential of people.

Our consultants work with clients from around the world to deliver solutions that accelerate organisational learning and improve the performance of your employees, leaders and teams.

Some examples of how we have helped our clients, in brief high impact assignments to in-depth and comprehensive development programs, include:


Talent Assessment

    • How did a multi-national transport and logistics business build the capability of its senior leadership talent and equip its internal learning and development professionals with skills and knowledge to sustain the learning in the business?

Leadership Development

    • How did an international retailer enhance the leadership capabilities of its executive and senior managers and build a culture of cross-functional collaboration and exceptional leadership?

Team Development

    • How did a focused team building event help a work team rapidly improve its performance and reduce conflict arising from interpersonal frustrations?


Organisational Development

    • How did a marketing organisation engage its entire workforce in a development program that led to improved organisational effectiveness?


Experiential Learning

    • A manufacturing company acquires a competitor but struggles with clashing cultures. How can they leverage their differences to prosper together?


Please contact us today to see how we may assist you in your organisation.