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Psychology of Teams : Illuminating the hidden factors of high-performing teams

Thursday 12th October 12:30-1:30pm AEDT

Modern teams are facing more challenges now than ever, partially due to hybrid working, increased pace of organizational change, ineffective managers, and more. Yet teams are essential for business success.

How can you help teams get the best from their collaboration?

Join Dr. Martin Boult, Psychologist and Senior Director from The Myers-Briggs Company, for our upcoming webinar to understand the Psychology of Teams and the psychological elements—both seen and unseen—that teams must understand if they want to be high performers.

Register for this webinar to:

      • Uncover the new challenges affecting team performance in today’s workplace
      • Illuminate the hidden psychological dynamics that usually hinder team collaboration
      • Learn the visible psychological factors all successful teams embrace
      • Understand how leaders and teams can achieve success by identifying and improving on the essential factors of high-performing teams


On-demand recordings


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