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The Myers-Briggs Company training curriculum comprises a set of programs and workshops for the Asia Pacific region which are conducted by members of the The Myers-Briggs Company training faculty and who in most instances are also fully qualified psychologists. The curriculum includes:

Our training programs are specifically designed for trainers, consultants and experienced managers who are responsible for improving individual, team and organisational effectiveness and performance. Such professionals are usually engaged in organisational development, L&D, leadership development, coaching, personnel management, education and career planning and seek to add our instruments and techniques to their tool kits.

In Australia, if you are a psychologist, for most programs, you should be eligible for APS Professional Development points for your attendance.

All of our programs are conducted in pleasant environments with first class catering and excellent support materials. You will receive an internationally recognised qualification upon successful completion of each certification program, plus instant recognition by the publisher of the instrument that you have studied.

Entry to most of our programs requires the holding of a university degree or its equivalent. We will, however, consider applications from individuals who feel they have acceptable experience and qualifications to attend a program. If you are uncertain about your eligibility, please contact us directly.

Some programs are advanced and require the prior completion of the basic entry program. For example, to enrol on the MBTI® Step II Certification program, you need to have successfully completed the MBTI® Step I Certification program.

If you need some assistance on how to justify your future MBTI® Certification Program investment, please click here to see a sample letter that covers many key points that you can share with anyone who needs to approve your trip. You can also adapt this for our other training programs.

In-house Programs
All of Myers-Briggs Company Asia Pacific’s Certification Programs and MBTI® Master Class workshops are available on an in-house basis.
If you would prefer us to tailor a program to suit your organisation’s specific needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.