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Organisational Development


How did a marketing organisation engage its entire workforce in a development program that led to improved organisational effectiveness?


Professional Development for Organisational Effectiveness

A long-standing tourism marketing organisation identified the need to re-align its leadership approach and further support employees following an organisational restructure.

The crucial objectives for the organisation were:

  • Equipping its senior managers with leadership skills to support staff adjusting to changes resulting from the restructure
  • Improving interactions between managers and staff
  • Increasing professional development opportunities for staff at all levels of the organisation.


The Solution

The Myers-Briggs Company was engaged to design and a deliver a multi-stage organisation-wide development program which included leadership development, tailored for both the executive and mid-level managers and interactive staff development workshops.

Key to the success of the program was incorporating experiential activities, individual coaching and the MBTI® personality instrument as the learning platform.

Over 97% of the organisation’s employees voluntarily participated in the program, which focused on increasing self-awareness to enhance communication, decision making, team functioning and leadership effectiveness.

As a result of the program, the CEO and executive team engaged The Myers-Briggs Company to provide further focused leadership development and additional staff development offerings, targeting team building and communicating with impact.

The organisation reported improved relationships between managers, staff, teams and external stakeholders. The learning attained in the program was viewed as lasting professional development by all involved.


The Myers-Briggs Company’s approach to developing your organisation

Increasing their readiness to deal with change and improving their overall effectiveness and efficiency are ongoing challenges for all organisations.

The Myers-Briggs Company’s consultants can help organisations develop the right processes, systems and structures to:

  • Lead and manage organisational change
  • Align organisational behaviour with strategy execution
  • Promote career planning
  • Build high-impact communication and influencing skills
  • Solve business needs and achieve desired outcomes.


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