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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Now Available in 25 Languages and Gets Green Light from Modern Statistical Techniques


Sunnyvale, Calif., Sept. 10, 2019-- The Myers-Briggs Company, a Certified B Corporation, has announced the release of the MBTI Global Assessments. The updated versions of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Step I and Step II assessments provide a standardized experience regardless of geographic location. They're also accompanied by additional resources to help people immediately use results to harness their full potential in professional and personal lives.


From its initial development, the MBTI assessment has continued to be evaluated through the latest statistical techniques and tested with larger, better quality samples. "While it's still very much based on the same theoretical underpinnings, it's not the same instrument that was introduced in the 1950s," said Dr. Rich Thompson, Senior Director of Research at The Myers-Briggs Company.


"It's gone through significant revisions over the past several decades to ensure its accuracy and from its inception, has been continuously updated and modernized."


Proven to accommodate cultural variations across 20 different countries, the MBTI Global includes new Step I and Step II assessments, both of which have been developed using representative samples of the global population and are suitable for use by anyone in the world. Additionally, the assessment:


  • Is based on a population sample of over 16,000 people
  • Uses new statistical techniques, including cutting-edge Latent Class Analysis (specially designed to group data into categories, better aligning with MBTI theory of dichotomies)
  • Offers one uniform set of items and standardized scoring for all versions of the assessment.


New supporting materials and resources enhance the MBTI Global experience

The MBTI Global has launched on the Elevate online portal in 25 different languages. In addition, six of the most popular MBTI reports are also available (currently in English only):



The updated MBTI Global Step I assessment is also available with MBTI Complete. MBTI Complete is a simple, self-directed introduction to personality type. MBTI practitioners save time by using this as the first step in their development programs with an all-in-one assessment and interpretation that gets ready to work with personality type more quickly.


The MBTI Global assessments are also accompanied by a number of supporting materials that provide detail on the science behind the instrument and its recommended use, including:



Also new? The Probability Index

The MBTI Global Assessments have a new graphical presentation of Step I results, including the Probability Index, which measures the likelihood of a person getting the same result on a retest.


"It's a common misconception that you can measure how strong someone's MBTI preferences are. With MBTI preferences, it's like being right or left-handed. You can use both hands, but using one comes more naturally and feels easier than the other. The Probability Index measures the statistical likelihood of someone getting the same outcome if they take the assessment again, not the strength of their preference or personality," said Dr. Thompson.


The Probability Index uses a scale of 50-100 on either side and indicates whether the probability of getting the same result are very likely, likely or somewhat likely.


Learn more about the new MBTI Global assessments.


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