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MBTI® Form M Career Report(R) *

We typically spend more than a third of our lives at work. What we do in that time is important—to our professional development, relationships with others, and fundamental well-being.


Whether they are students about to start their working lives or professionals looking for a new direction, the MBTI® Career Report helps individuals explore their career options to find the best fit based on their personality preferences.


This 10-page report provides invaluable insights into preferred work tasks and environments for people of each MBTI type. It also includes most popular and least popular occupations lists for each type and preference-based development strategies to improve job satisfaction.


The MBTI Career Report is suitable for a wide range of applications, including career planning or transition, career counseling, outplacement, and personal or professional development.


Insights you can trust

We know people come to you at a critical time in their lives. That’s why we recently updated the MBTI Career Report to make it more robust and relevant for today’s workforce. Based on our largest data sample yet—over 1.3 million working adults reflecting the latest O*NET occupations—the report delivers more accurate career insights than ever before.


Designed for ease of use

Clear sections and intuitive charts help you easily interpret and explain results to students and clients. To simplify the career exploration process for respondents, we’ve taken care to match job families and occupations to the US Department of Labor’s O*NET database.


Works for both reported and verified type

The report can be used with existing results from any of our MBTI administrations, including MBTI® Complete and the MBTI® Global Step I and Step II assessments. No need to have clients retake the assessment—simply use their verified type to generate the report.

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