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MBTI® Step I and Step II Certification Program in Cantonese (HKT)

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MBTI® Step I and Step II Certification Program in Cantonese (HKT)
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MBTI® Step I and Step II Certification Program in Cantonese (HKT)

Please note the virtual program is delivered in four non-consecutive days in Hong Kong Time (HKT). Each day of the program will commence at 8.45am and conclude at 5.30pm. The program will be facilitated in Cantonese with core materials provided in Traditional Chinese and supplementary materials provided in English.


Improve the performance of your people, teams and organisation with the world's most trusted personality instrument.


MBTI® Certification is the "must have" credential for every HR and L&D professional.


The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment provides individuals with greater understanding of their own and others’ personality preferences. With more than 2 million assessments administered annually, the MBTI® assessment is the preferred tool for building successful teams, developing effective leaders and improving communication and productivity.

The Myers-Briggs Company’s MBTI® Certification Program teaches participants how to professionally and ethically administer and interpret the MBTI® assessment. This four-day highly interactive virtually delivered program provides instruction in personality type theory and key MBTI® applications such as team development and leadership development. Participants will benefit from the extensive knowledge and expertise of a Myers-Briggs Company Certification Program Facilitator.

Instructional format for this virtual offering includes live online classroom, individual and group exercises and activities, self-directed e-learning content, and nightly homework assignments. Upon successful completion of this program and the online examination, participants will receive an MBTI® Step I and Step II Certification certificate and be eligible to purchase and use all MBTI® Step I and Step II assessment reports.


Enrol on the 4-day MBTI® Certification Program today if you are looking to:

  • Develop capable and effective leadership at every level
  • Improve the performance of your people, teams and organisation
  • Reduce workplace conflict and work more effectively together
  • Create an atmosphere of understanding, clear communication and mutual respect
  • Nurture and retain top talent
  • Explore the world of work and help people find their passion


Program highlights:

    • Enables participants to learn and practice interpretation and feedback of suite of MBTI® Step I and Step II reports.
    • Provides a thorough understanding of type theory, type dynamics, and assessment validity and reliability.
    • Outlines key MBTI® applications: team building, leadership and management development
    • Uses interactive exercises that aid in learning and can be used by participants in conducting their own workshops.
    • Includes MBTI® introductory workshop presentation slides that participants may use to conduct their own workshops.
    • Includes optional post-program group learning session to consolidate learning and application of the MBTI® assessment.
    • Self-paced online exam following the program (approximately 90 minutes).


Program materials include:

Traditional Chinese

  • Participant Resource Guide
  • Introduction to Type® (6th Ed.) booklet
  • Presenting Type in Organisations facilitation kit
  • MBTI® Step I (Form M) Profile Report
  • MBTI® Step II (Form Q) Interpretive Report
  • MBTI® Step II (Form Q) Interpretive Report provided for post-program practice through Elevate®


  • Practitioner tools provided on USB
  • Ready-to-deliver workshop facilitation kit: Understanding and Working with Personality Type: Using the MBTI® Assessment to Appreciate Differences
  • MBTI® Manual
  • MBTI® Step II (Form Q) User's Guide
  • Understanding Your MBTI® Step II (Form Q) Results
  • MBTI® Complete Global Step I Report
  • Myers-Briggs® App
  • MBTI® Flip a Type Tip
  • Exploring your Myers-Briggs® Type Workbook
  • MBTI® Step I Feedback Cards
  • MBTI® Step II Feedback Cards

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