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MBTI® Form Q Step II Interpretive Report - Traditional Chinese(R) *

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MBTI® Form Q Step II Interpretive Report - Traditional Chinese(R) *
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MBTI® Form Q Step II Interpretive Report - Traditional Chinese(R) *

Technically speaking, the MBTI® Form Q Step II™ Interpretive Report replaces Form K. It is considered to be a more accurate, reliable and valid assessment of facet scores as a result of increased numbers of items for each facet measurement and greater rigour in choice of items themselves. It is only available over the internet.

Form Q comprises 144 questions, many of which are derived from Form M and all of which have been IRT analysed. Once scored, Form Q produces an 18 page report which describes the client's four-letter personality Type and then graphically displays five 'facets' of each of the dichotomies.

A helpful feature of this version is the ability to generate the report on the basis of reported Type (results from scoring the items) or verified Type (if your client has previously taken the MBTI® instrument and has verified best-fit Type).

If you use verified Type, Form Q item responses are also required, but the normative data can be adjusted separately. Note, verified Type needs to be supplied at the time the client takes Form Q.

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