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MBTI® Form M Complete Report (Interactive Online Assessment)(R) *

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MBTI® Form M Complete Report (Interactive Online Assessment)(R) *
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MBTI® Form M Complete Report (Interactive Online Assessment)(R) *

The MBTI® Form M Complete Report that, for the first time, brings together the Form M assessment and a basic interpretation of a client's verified type - all delivered online.

Clients take MBTI® Form M Complete assessment online, participate in an interactive feedback session to verify their type and receive a basic standard interpretation written by renowned type expert and author Allen L. Hammer.

Practitioners receive a Form M Profile report for their clients, which they can use to delve deeper into type dynamics, or they can quickly move on to the application of type because clients will already have a working knowledge of their four-letter type as a result of the basic standard interpretation.

When used in a training setting, MBTI® Complete can free two or three hours ordinarily spent introducing participants to type concepts. Clients can come to their session prepared with an understanding of type basics and their own preferences.

Using the MBTI® Form M Complete Report, practitioners can deliver greater value to their clients faster than ever before.

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