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MBTI® Activity: Expressing Appreciation in Different Ways (PDF)(R) *

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MBTI® Activity: Expressing Appreciation in Different Ways (PDF)(R) *
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MBTI® Activity: Expressing Appreciation in Different Ways (PDF)(R) *

Whether in the office or at home, recognising and appreciating others for their contributions is important. When done effectively, it can greatly enhance relationships and performance. However, different people tend to want to be appreciated in different ways, so it is important to choose the form of appreciation that others will best understand and value.

This MBTI® activity is great for managers and team members who are looking for strategies to build camaraderie and strengthen rapport among group members. Participants engage in 10 minutes of individual work and then share their thoughts in type-alike groups of STs, SFs, NFs, and NTs. Each group then reports out for a large group discussion around the various forms of appreciation that different types seem to prefer. They also discuss ways to flex and stretch their own style to ensure that they express appreciation in a manner that will be well received by recipients.

Objective: to learn how type affects an individual's emotional experience of being appreciated, and to learn how to avoid misunderstandings when expressing appreciation to others.

  • Time frame: 45 minutes
  • Materials included: activity instructions, handout
  • Additional materials required: flip chart, markers, and masking tape


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