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NACCE Partners with The Myers-Briggs Company to Bring the VitaNavis Platform to Community Colleges


Members receive open access to the VitaNavis platform, a powerful analytics tool empowering students in their educational journey to future professions


Raleigh, N.C., May 12, 2020 -- NACCE is thrilled to announce a new partnership with The Myers-Briggs Company that will offer members open access to the VitaNavis® platform, a powerful analytics platform that provides a cadre of tools to empower students and aid informed decision-making when considering their educational journey and their future profession.


“The VitaNavis® platform drives systemic change with a focus on self-awareness, strengths, and diversity for a transformative classroom experience. Our platform helps students make informed decisions about their future, select programs or majors, explore vocational paths, and identify their learning style, skills and competencies. This information opens the door to future possibilities for all learners by identifying a variety of options suited to each individual, ensuring that we are building a capable and workforce-ready generation,” says Jeff Hayes, President & CEO of The Myers-Briggs Company.


The VitaNavis platform is designed to enhance all levels of the student lifecycle and personalize the student learning experience to improve enrollment, equity and outcomes. Prospective students will benefit from increased self-awareness and insight as they consider their post-secondary options. Enrolled students may leverage the platform to guide them as they plan for their next semester of courses. Graduating students may be supported as they prepare to enter the workforce. Research shows that interests are more predictive than ability and personality when it comes to income, degree attainment, college persistence and other success factors.


“NACCE is delighted to partner with The Myers-Briggs Company to share thought leadership and assessment tools that help students gain needed insight into their passions and desired work styles that align with certificate and degree programs."


"Last fall, I explored the VitaNavis platform to better understand the platform and my own career path. The insight I gained affirmed my career trajectory that was unknowable to me a decade earlier. My sincere hope is that NACCE members take advantage of this no cost solution opportunity for themselves and their students that The Myers-Briggs Company is generously providing during this health and economic crisis.” Rebecca Corbin, Ed.D., NACCE President & CEO.


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