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Managers can be heroes when employee development is impactful and energizing


Sunnyvale, Calif., November 7, 2019-- What do finding a kidnapped secret agent and building better teams have in common? Both can be accomplished with The Myers-Briggs Company’s new experiential team building challenge based on the popular escape room concept.


Engagement and effectiveness of a team building activity go hand in hand. But many managers mistakenly believe that any fun activity they do with their team will bring positive results.


“Our experience and research say otherwise. Organizations often miss the secret ingredient of team development sessions: debriefing employees so they understand their behaviors during the activity,” says Sherrie Haynie, Director of US Professional Services at The Myers-Briggs Company.


“The level of engagement is key. People revert to their natural way of working during truly engaging activities. And unpacking how individuals work together provides real and actionable insight into team dynamics.”


Rapid boosts to team performance delivered in an immersive environment

During The Myers-Briggs Company’s escape experience, you’re given a series of puzzles and clues to rescue a kidnapped secret agent. Team members apply their unique talents in the one-hour, time-pressured mission.


But the real learning comes from experienced organizational psychologists facilitating, observing and debriefing the team at the end of the mission. Each player explores how their personality impacted the success (or failure) of the task. This provides a layer of self-evaluated insight on how the team worked together.


Complex behaviors get broken down. And participants get lasting insights around how each individual and their whole team works best together.


“When I debrief the activity I always ask, ‘could you have done this by yourself?’ and most say no, they couldn’t,” said Haynie. “They’ve learned to appreciate one another more. They see the value of being with people who each think and problem-solve in different ways.”


Already previewed to small number of organizations, the escape experience is enthusiastically received as an engaging and powerful way to connect teams.


“I was struck by the depth of learning, not only going through the experience, but also afterwards being supported by the facilitators to unpack what happened and why,” says John Deehan, principal consultant at Sopra Steria and recent escape experience participant.



“The most interesting part for me was how the team behaviors changed once we started to engage with the task, and we learned afterwards that those changes relate to our own behavior and personalities. We each looked at the task a different way and collectively, that helped us gel as a team really quickly.”


The Myers-Briggs Company’s team building activities (like the escape experience) can be tailored to meet organizations’ specific objectives and issues. They can be delivered in just a few hours or over a full day. In addition, you can build these team building sessions into a larger programs and events, such as off-site meetings and new team trainings.


What was most surprising to John Deehan about his escape experience?


“Compared to other team buildings I’ve been a part of, what really surprised me was this one’s efficiency and effectiveness in such a short amount of time.”


“I think the return on investment is incredible.”


Learn more about The Myers-Briggs Company’s escape experience.


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