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World Introvert Day - Introversion In-depth

You’ve probably heard the stereotypes about Introverts: they’re socially awkward, they’re loners, they’re shy, and they definitely despise any type of socializing. And if you’ve done your homework (or if you’ve studied personality psychology at all), you know these harmful stereotypes are far from the truth.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about what Introversion and Extraversion are – the idea that Introverts always spend their time quietly in the corner. But it's not about social confidence. It's about where we get our energy from. People who prefer Introversion get their energy from an inner world of thoughts and feelings, and that's where they focus their attention."

In this episode of The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast and in honor of World Introvert Day, we’re joined by John Hackston, chartered psychologist, and Head of Thought Leadership for The Myers-Briggs Company.

Full of tips, interesting statistics and personality-related insights, John’s 30+ years experience with MBTI type and psychology makes this episode a must-listen for anyone who has introverted preferences, think they might be an Introvert, or interacts with anyone with an Introversion preference, or just wants to understand their fellow human beings better. For example, John shares this analogy of one way to think about these personality differences:

“Here’s an analogy we sometimes use to talk about Extraversion and Introversion: imagine, if you will, two toy robots. There's an Extravert robot. The Extravert robot has got a solar panel in its head. It's powered by the sunshine. It's powered by its connection with the outside world. The Introvert robot gets its energy from plugging itself in quietly in the corner.

And if you imagine these two robots, after sitting in a toy cupboard, they're both quite happy to get out of that toy cupboard. The Extravert robot because it wants to get out there and interact with the world. The Introvert robot because it's had the time to fully charge its batteries. And then the doors open the child takes out the robot and initially you might not see any difference at all in their behavior because they're both charged.

But over time, the Introvert robot starts to look back longingly toward that toy cupboard so it can go back in and recharge its batteries.

When the toys get put back in the cupboard, they both heave a sigh. For the Introvert robot it's a little bit of a sigh of relief. Ah, he can go and spend some time recharging his batteries so he's got the energy to interact when it comes to the afternoon session. For the Extravert robot the sigh is a little bit more like an “ehh” because it actually wants to be out there recharging his batteries. So it's all about energy. It's all about where we focus our attention.”

In this episode, John dives into some of the most common questions when it comes to Introversion and personality psychology.

Listen to this episode to learn:

      • What are Introverts and Extraverts?
      • How are Introverts different from each other?
      • What is the MBTI Step II assessment?
      • How does Introversion look different in different countries and cultures around the world?.
      • What’s the most rare introverted MBTI type? What’s the most common introverted MBTI type?
      • Can you be an extraverted Introvert?

Listen to the full episode on Apple, Google, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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