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TKI® - Self-Scorable - Simplified Chinese (package of 10)

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TKI® - Self-Scorable - Simplified Chinese (package of 10)
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TKI® - Self-Scorable - Simplified Chinese (package of 10)

Help your clients see through conflict to resolution

The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI®) is the number one best-selling instrument for conflict management.

This easy-to-use, self-scorable assessment, complete with interpretation and feedback materials, helps individuals discover which of five conflict-handling styles - competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding and accommodating - is their preferred "mode".

They also learn about the most appropriate uses for each conflict-handling style and how to increase their comfort level with their less used styles.

The 30-item TKI® tool:

  • Delivers a pragmatic, situational approach to conflict resolution, change management, leadership development, communication, employee retention and more
  • Can be used as a stand-alone tool by individuals, in a group learning process, as part of a structured workshop or in training programs
  • Enables you to open productive dialogue about conflict safely
  • Relies on updated norms based on a revised sample closely reflecting gender, racial, ethnic, age and job-level diversity in the workplace

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