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ebilities® Mental Agility Series

Research shows that high performing staff can provide productivity boosts of over 30% for entry level positions, and over 90% for managerial roles.

Mental agility is a differentiator in employment testing and that’s because people who think quickly, clearly and flexibly are the ones who can deal with the deluge of information and ever-changing demands of work in the information age.

Using the ebilities® Mental Agility Series (MAS) tests can help you identify and develop talent from general staffing through to graduate, professional and managerial positions.

You have the power to choose the right ebilities® MAS test to quickly identify the most promising people amongst your job applicants.

The ebilities® MAS tests can help you to:

  • Quickly identify the most promising applicants to interview and further evaluate
  • Shorten your recruitment cycle and decrease your administrative costs
  • Screen out people who are unlikely to become highly productive employees
  • Reduce turnover by matching people to jobs that suit their abilities

Once the tests are completed, the ebilities® MAS Assessment Reports will make it easy for you to determine which applicants to shortlist and to further evaluate through an interview process.


Certification in the ebilities® Mental Agility Series

The ebilities® MAS tests are what we call ‘Restricted’ and you need to be trained and certified to access and use them. This ensures that the instruments are used for the purpose for which they were designed and that they are being administered and interpreted correctly.

We offer certification in the ebilities® MAS tests as part of the 16PF® Certification Program that will qualify you in the professional and ethical administration of the ebilities® MAS instruments. Upon successful completion of the program, you will gain a certificate of qualification to purchase and use both the ebilities® MAS instruments and their reports.

Public 16PF® Certification Programs, including certification in the ebilities® Mental Agility Series tests, are currently available in Melbourne.

If you would like to discuss an in-house Certification Program for your organisation, please contact us.

ebilities® Mental Agility Series Tests

Standard - MAS General Potential: Swaps | Numerical Operations

General potential is synonymous with learning and problem solving ability. People with high general potential are mentally agile. They think quickly, clearly and flexibly and are adept at grasping new concepts and understanding interrelationships and complexities in information. It is ideal for general staff selection and for ‘sifting’ high volumes of job applicants, being quick to complete, and suitable for both English and non-English speaking test takers.

Standard - MAS Business Fundamentals: Swaps | Numerical Operations | Vocabulary (Level 1)

This assessment is designed to help identify versatile people who have the potential to perform at a high level across diverse work tasks. It includes a test of English Word Knowledge to the General Potential combination to provide an overview of a person’s learning and problem solving potential, their basic mathematical ability and understanding of both simple and complex words used in communication.

Advanced - MAS General Potential: Swaps | Series

This is a faster-paced, higher level combination of 2 tests. It is ideal for Graduate and Professional level testing where there is a need to identify people with superior mental agility, who are quick thinkers and problems solvers.

Advanced - MAS Numerical: Numerical Operations | Series | Financial Reasoning

This assessment is designed to evaluate a person’s potential for success in positions where numerical competence is a key job requirement. It includes tests of Mental Arithmetic, Numerical Pattern Recognition and Financial Problem Solving and is ideal for Graduate and Professional level testing where there is a need to quickly determine which people stand out in terms of their numerical ability.

Advanced - MAS Business Fundamentals: Swaps | Financial Reasoning | Vocabulary (Level 2)

This is the most challenging combination of tests and is ideal for professional and managerial testing. It is used to identify versatile people who are quick to solve problems and identify solutions, have a good understanding of financial concepts and well-developed knowledge of moderately complex and unusual English words.

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