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16PF® Certification Program (AET)

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16PF® Certification Program (AET)
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Please enrol each participant, one at a time.

16PF® Certification Program (AET)

Please note the virtual program is delivered in two non-consecutive days in Melbourne, Australian Eastern Time. Each day of the program will commence at 9.00am and conclude at 5.00pm.


Identify, select and develop the best people for your organisation with the 16PF® instrument.


The 16PF® Certification Program gives you the skills and knowledge to use the 16PF® instrument, enabling you to make precision recruitment decisions and target development actions for your workforce.

Objective, reliable and accurate, the 16PF® questionnaire provides an in-depth description of an individual’s personality.

Enrol in the 16PF® Certification Program if you would like to:

  • Select and develop employees and managers with high levels of productivity and potential
  • Accurately evaluate the motivators and personality strengths of your employees
  • Quickly identify an applicant’s degree of fit with a job role
  • Use objective assessment information rather than subjective perceptions when making talent selection and development decisions
  • Become qualified to use a personality instrument and ability tests that predict behaviour in the workplace


Program benefits:

  • Attain an internationally recognised qualification as a 16PF® practitioner with access to  the instrument’s reports in a range of languages
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the 16PF® instrument, both practically and theoretically
  • Acquire skills in 16PF® administration, interpretation and feedback
  • Learn how to use the 16PF® instrument in a range of contexts, from recruitment and selection to employee development
  • Understand more about yourself through the 16PF® interpretation of your own profile
  • Access a number of useful resources, including the 16PF® Feedback Cards and 16PF® 6th Edition Questionnaire Manual

Upon successfully completing the program, you will be qualified to use both the 16PF® instrument.

Learning approach

The 16PF® Certification Program is facilitated by experienced psychologists. It involves a mix of approaches to give you the skills and knowledge to become a 16PF® practitioner. Participants undertake initial distance learning, completion of the 16PF® instrument and a 1.5 hour feedback session with member of The Myers-Briggs Company Training Faculty. This is followed by a 2-day experiential workshop where you will gain practical experience using the 16PF® instrument.

Following the 2-day workshop, participants undertake fieldwork assignments, involving administering, interpreting and providing feedback with the 16PF® instrument, to complete the certification program.  

Program duration 2 days + Pre and Post Workshop Assignments

This program is designed for:

  • Professionals involved in recruiting, developing and managing a workforce.
  • Professionals who have attained a university undergraduate degree qualification, or higher, in the areas of either psychology, human resources, organisational development, management, education or related disciplines.
  • Professionals who hold recognised qualifications for other psychometric instruments, such as the MBTI®, CPI, FIRO-B®, EQ-i 2.0®, or equivalent personality instruments, also meet the pre-requisite for entry into the program.


Program materials include:

  • 16PF® eLearning modules
  • 16PF® 6th Edition Manual
  • 16PF® Feedback Cards
  • Two 16PF® Comprehensive Insights Reports - one for the participant and one for a volunteer client


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