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Myers-Briggs® App + MBTI® Step II (Form Q) Profile Report(R) *

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Myers-Briggs® App + MBTI® Step II (Form Q) Profile Report(R) *
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Myers-Briggs® App + MBTI® Step II (Form Q) Profile Report(R) *

The new Myers-Briggs® App enhances the MBTI® reports you use. It reinforces individuals’ learning and helps them apply type insights practically. The app is the ideal resource to provide to participants following an interpretation or workshop.

This money-saving bundle includes one administration of the MBTI® Step II (Form Q) Profile Report and one license for the Myers-Briggs® App that provides access to one user.

Your clients will access the Myers-Briggs® App on their smartphones and will have indefinite access to the content. App subscriptions do not expire.


Learn more about the Myers-Briggs® App.

View sample report.


You can manage App licenses through your Elevate® site - our free online assessment delivery platform. If don't yet have a site, please request your own Elevate® site.


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  • Be sure users meet app compatibility requirements. The App is designed for: iPhone 7 and newer running iOS 10 or later, or Smartphones running Android 6.0 or later.
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