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MBTI® Virtual Insights Workshop


Build trust in teams and improve effectiveness


The Myers-Briggs Company's 90-minute MBTI® Virtual Insights Workshop introduces participants to the Myers-Briggs personality framework and provides guidance into how individuals might better collaborate, communicate and work together based on an understanding of personality differences.

This is a virtually-facilitated group workshop led by one of our experienced trainers.


Workshop benefits:

  • Identify participants' best-fit MBTI® type
  • Increase self-awareness and team perspective by understanding tendencies, including
    - Where individuals recharge mentally
    - How they find motivation
    - Common points of frustration
    - Where they may have blind spots
  • Apply Myers-Briggs® type to appreciate differences in how people communicate and make decisions
  • Create an individual action item to leverage learnings in their team


Participant materials:

  • Personalised MBTI® Complete Global PDF report
  • Access to their MBTI® profile on our learning platform
  • Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type PDF booklet
  • Access to our reference site



Want more for your team?


Understanding self and appreciating differences in others provides a fantastic starting point for building trust and enhancing team effectiveness. Continuing to apply those insights can make the learning stick and result in real behaviour change.


Get more from the MBTI® framework with additional 90-minute team modules:

  • Enhancing communication
    Help your teams succeed and organisation thrive through effective communication.
  • Managing change
    Explore the process of navigating change through an understanding of personality types.
  • Building resilience
    Understand triggers and reduce stress to effectively manage life's demands.




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