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Understanding and Working with Personality Type (MBTI® Form M)(R) *

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Understanding and Working with Personality Type (MBTI® Form M)(R) *
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Understanding and Working with Personality Type (MBTI® Form M)(R) *

This ready-to-deploy workshop facilitation kit on USB flash drive provides everything a practitioner needs to deliver high-quality introductory MBTI® Form M workshops for all audiences.

Workshop participants will increase their understanding of personality type by learning about the Myers-Briggs® framework, develop greater self-awareness and awareness of others and identify ways to use personality differences constructively to improve personal interactions and team performance.

The USB includes:

  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations designed for a 4-hour workshop consisting of a lecture and activities with three versions of the presentation depending on the assessment used: MBTI® Form M Self-Scorable, MBTI® Complete (Form M), or MBTI® Step I™ (Form M) online administration.
  • Complete facilitator’s notes with script and agenda
  • Participant worksheets

Looking to develop people skills around communication, change, influencing, conflict, leadership and more? Discover the full range of ready-made workshop kits.

Please note: this workshop facilitation kit is for use with the MBTI® Step I™ (Form M) assessment. If you require a workshop facilitation kit for use with the MBTI® Global Step I™ assessment, please select Understanding and Working with Personality Type (MBTI® Global Step I™).

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