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The Type Deal! – Binder & Cards

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The Type Deal! – Binder & Cards
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The Type Deal! – Binder & Cards

Card Games for Mastering the MBTI® Preferences

Use card games as a fun way to reinforce type learning

The Type Deal! is a set of 11 fast-paced and fun card games for use in introductory type training to help participants become fluent with the eight MBTI® preferences.

These games, arranged in order of difficulty and designed to be easily learned in a matter of minutes, can be played repeatedly.

The binder contains materials to help the facilitator introduce and explain each game, reproducible instruction sheets for players and a deck of playing cards. It is organised into four parts and includes a basic introduction, general guidelines for conducting the games, sections on supplies needed, getting ready for sessions and briefing the players and suggestions for how to best facilitate the games and debrief the participants.

Also included are reproducible masters that can be photocopied and used as overheads and handouts, together with a bonus game that can be played without the cards and used as either a warm-up or follow-up activity.

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