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MBTI® Type Table Posters: Type and Stress Combo

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MBTI® Type Table Posters: Type and Stress Combo
$85.00 inc GST
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MBTI® Type Table Posters: Type and Stress Combo

Featuring the popular MBTI® ""Type Heads"" and ""Stress Heads"", each poster displays the 16 types as laid out by Isabel Briggs Myers in the MBTI® Manual.

They can be used for reference only or to display the names of group members by type.

The posters, at approximately 81 cm wide by 122cm high, are large enough to display on the wall during training and you can take them with you as a training tool or leave them behind for your group to display and reference back at the office.

Best of all, these sturdy posters have a dry-erase finish, making them both reusable and wear-proof—a perfect combination for busy practitioners.

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