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MBTI® Form M Profile Report(R) *
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MBTI® Form M Profile Report(R) *

Provide a basic profile of your client’s MBTI® type at an economical price

The MBTI® Form M Profile Report provides a succinct summary of your clients’ MBTI® results, allowing you to tailor interpretation and feedback sessions suited to their needs. It provides an individual’s reported type, brief descriptions of the preferences, characteristics frequently associated with the type and an easy-to-read graph displaying his or her preference clarity indexes.*

*Note: The original version of the MBTI® Form M Profile Report is available in multiple languages. The refreshed version shown here and described below is currently available in U.S. English only.

  • Refreshed to be more engaging and user-friendly
    Enhancements include:
    • New design for a contemporary look and feel
    • Improved content organisation and layout for better usability
    • Updated MBTI® language for easier comprehension of type concepts
    • Revamped preference clarity index (PCI) chart that deemphasises clients’ “scores”
  • Cost-effective route to clients’ MBTI® type
    Delivers value by presenting clients’ reported type and introducing the MBTI® framework and preferences in a cost-effective three-page report. For an alternative option that provides a more substantial type description, consider the MBTI® Interpretive Report

  • Graphically enhanced to illustrate preference clarity
    Graphs preference clarity indexes so you can help clients see how clearly they indicated their preferences and use that information to determine their best-fit type.

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