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Please take a moment to read an article or two to see how The Myers-Briggs Company and its solutions have helped clients meet their challenges.
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    • HC Online, 17 Dec 2015
    • How Can Self-Awareness Help You in 2016
      A multinational corporation that created a truly inclusive leadership team; a sportsman who enhanced his own performance and that of his rowing team to go onto Olympic glory; doctors who have sharpened their ability to engage with patients….what’s the common bond? It’s self-awareness.
    • MBTI®
    • HRD, Issue 13.5 cover
    • Smoothing the Waters
      We’ve all read the stats; we may have even been there ourselves. More often than not, M&As fail to reach their desired objectives. Can psychometric assessment be used to smooth the process – even during the most tumultuous of times?
    • CPI