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Better Communication in Healthcare: MBTI® Workshop Facilitation Pack

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Better Communication in Healthcare: MBTI® Workshop Facilitation Pack
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Better Communication in Healthcare: MBTI® Workshop Facilitation Pack

Help doctors, nurses, technicians, and other frontline healthcare providers serve patients better.

Research shows that effective patient–care provider communication is a key contributor to positive care outcomes and patient satisfaction. For care providers, effective communication also helps increase job satisfaction and the success of their organisation.

This workshop facilitation pack is intended to help practitioners deliver MBTI® training tailored to frontline care providers, helping them understand how individual personality preferences affect their communication and patient care styles — and how small, deliberate changes in style can significantly improve the well-being and satisfaction of care providers and patients alike.

Facilitation Kit Contents

  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentation designed for a full-day workshop consisting of lecture and activities
  • Facilitation notes to complement the presentation content
  • Train-the-trainer video that provides an overview of the presentation and tips for deployment

Key Features

  • Workshop-ready
    Comprehensive and professionally designed with engaging visuals, the PowerPoint presentation* is designed for immediate deployment. Intended for a full-day workshop, it can also be adapted for shorter sessions.
  • Comes with expert guidance
    Whether you are a seasoned MBTI® practitioner or newly certified, this workshop facilitation pack can make your job easier. The included facilitation notes and train-the-trainer video provide valuable context and support for a successful workshop.
  • All digital content
    No heavy binders to lug around. All facilitation pack materials are in digital format and can be purchased and downloaded from the CPP site.
  • Buy once, use forever
    This cost-effective training solution will quickly deliver a positive ROI. The purchaser receives full rights to use the materials indefinitely within an organisation (or across organisations if he or she is acting as a training consultant).

Required Support Material

The Better Communication in Healthcare: MBTI® Workshop Facilitation Pack is designed to be used in conjunction with the Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type booklet and the MBTI® Report for Healthcare Professionals. Each workshop participant should be provided with a copy of each resource.

*Please note:

  • The PowerPoint presentation slides cannot be modified (except the Title and Agenda slides)
  • Workshop content is in US English

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