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Understanding Your MBTI® Global Step II Results

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Understanding Your MBTI® Global Step II Results
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Understanding Your MBTI® Global Step II Results

A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Unique Expression of Type (Global MBTI&reg Step II&trade)

This guide is designed to accompany a MBTI Global Step II report, allowing clients to gain a greater understanding of type through their Step II facet results. Explaining the various types of information available on the Step II™ Interpretive Report and Profile, it is a valuable supplement. Its clear descriptions and exercises also make it an excellent tool for trainers to enhance clients' understanding and development, and for use as a participant workbook in "Working with MBTI® Step II™ Results" training programs.

Want to learn more about the Global MBTI® instruments? Visit our Global MBTI® landing page to see what's new and to download the FAQ.

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