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Measuring Results of MBTI® Type Training

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Measuring Results of MBTI® Type Training
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Measuring Results of MBTI® Type Training

ROI in Action

Measure the impact of your MBTI® training and evaluate return on investment

In today's resource-strapped, results-oriented organisations, executives and training professionals urgently need to know - and show - the ROI on their training programs. But tracking down the answer has been out of reach for many - until now.

In this much-anticipated practitioner's booklet, Richard Wagner, a 20-year veteran of global HR consulting and professor of management at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and Robert Weigand, director of management training and development at St. Luke's Hospital and Health Network, offer an easy-to-use instrument for ROI analysis: the Wagner-Weigand ROI Survey.

Based on a model used at St. Luke's Hospital in Bethlehem, PA, Wagner and Weigand's work approaches the corporate holy grail of developing a methodology for determining ROI on HR initiatives using the MBTI® instrument. Wagner and Weigand's ROI analysis includes the following five steps:

  • Determining behavioural changes that will result from training
  • Determining organisational results that might be improved
  • Examining how changes affect revenue and costs
  • Identifying data to support revenue and cost estimates
  • Linking behavioural changes to results being measured

The booklet includes an introduction to ROI and generalised discussion; exploration of the Wagner-Weigand model and theory; presentation of the ROI Survey and guidelines for its use; a sample case demonstrating actual application of the survey; and sample group exercises.

With Measuring Results of MBTI® Type Training: ROI in Action, HR professionals and practitioners finally have the tools to not only understand and measure the ROI of their MBTI® training but also establish tangible results that prove the effectiveness of their training program.

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