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MBTI® Manual (1998) (3rd Ed.)

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MBTI® Manual (1998) (3rd Ed.)
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MBTI® Manual (1998) (3rd Ed.)

A Guide to the Development and Use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Instrument

Learn how to administer and apply the MBTI® Form M inventory

This essential reference for users of the MBTI® instrument promotes understanding and ease of application.

  • Introduction gives an overview of the distinctive features of the MBTI assessment, details its 60-year development and outlines the rationale behind the development of Form M.
  • Theory explains type theory and describes the 16 types
  • Administration and Interpretation gives practitioners the basic information they need to use the MBTI® inventory effectively
  • Research covers the wealth of information relevant to the psychometric features of the MBTI® instrument, including its construction, reliability, and validity. It also describes the new method for scoring Form M using item response theory (IRT)
  • The Uses of Type provides hands-on, practical guidance to those using the MBTI® tool in counselling and psychotherapy, education, career counselling, organisations, and multicultural settings.

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