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Strong Interest Inventory® Certification Program (Virtual Program)

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Strong Interest Inventory® Certification Program (Virtual Program)
$1150.00 inc GST
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Strong Interest Inventory® Certification Program (Virtual Program)

This online Certification Program will run from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) with registration between 8:30am and 8:45am AEDT. Confirmation of timing will be provided by our Customer Service Team.

Help people find careers that they can be passionate about.

Help your clients identify, understand and expand their career choices using the Strong Interest Inventory® instrument.

Career planning is an involved and life long process that should be given the time that it deserves. This process should involve learning enough about oneself and the occupations being considered, in order to eliminate guesswork and make informed decisions.

For over 85 years the Strong Interest Inventory® instrument has provided time-tested, research validated insights to help individuals in their search for a rich fulfilling career. With the highly reliable Strong instrument, you can help individuals discover their interests, preferences and personal styles - exactly the information they need to select classes or choose a career they can be passionate about.

Please take a moment to view this short video that talks about the journey to find the career in which you and/or your clients can thrive. It is also very important to our well-being to be happy in what we do at work. Just click on the image.


Who will benefit from this program?

The 1-day Strong Interest Inventory® Virtual Certification Program is designed for career counsellors, HR consultants and outplacement specialists, who are already familiar with basic career guidance and general HR procedures.

Instrument update:

In 2012, a review was undertaken of the Strong Occupational Scales to ensure that the instrument best reflected changes in the occupational world and our society, and thus maintaining the scientific soundness of the instrument. The updated instrument now includes 260 Occupational Scales, providing clients and career professionals alike with a wide variety of career options to consider and helping users make informed decisions about the future.

Program Highlights:

  • Learn about Strong scales and their meaning
  • Gain an understanding of the reliability and validity of the scales and results
  • Learn how to successfully administer and interpret reports for career exploration and development
  • Apply results to career development, career change and job satisfaction issues
  • Learn how and when to use reports and support materials
  • Develop your feedback skills and techniques to respond to client questions
  • Upon successful completion of the program you will gain a certificate of qualification to purchase and use the Strong instrument and reports

Program Resources include:

  • Strong® Profile and Interpretive Report
  • Strong Interest Inventory® User's Guide
  • Strong Interest Inventory® Pre-program Workbook
  • Strong® Profile Report provided for post-program practice through Elevate®

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