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Introducing MBTI® Concepts (Virtual Program)

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Introducing MBTI® Concepts (Virtual Program)
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Introducing MBTI® Concepts (Virtual Program)

The Introducing MBTI® Concepts Webinar provides MBTI® certified practitioners a review of introducing the new MBTI® Global Step I assessment either in virtual or in-person training programs.

Through this live webinar, you will experience proven approaches and techniques which will help you to guide clients through a process to achieve their best-fit type and learn best practice approaches for administering and delivering MBTI® Step I results for individual and group feedback sessions.


During the virtual workshop you will learn:

  • About the MBTI® Global Step I and Step II online assessments
  • How to administer the MBTI® Global instrument to achieve accurate results
  • How to present and bring type theory to life for clients
  • How to help clients who are unclear about their personality type
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the MBTI® instrument and type theory and how to respond
  • Type exercises for individual and group feedback sessions


The following materials will be included in the virtual workshop fee:

  • Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type booklet (7th Ed.) - includes access to companion website
  • Understanding and Working with Personality Types Using the MBTI® Assessment to Appreciate Differences Workshop Facilitation Kit - provided on USB drive

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