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MBTI® Global Step II Certification Program (Virtual Program)

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MBTI® Global Step II Certification Program (Virtual Program)
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MBTI® Global Step II Certification Program (Virtual Program)

MBTI® Step II Certification

For practitioners who are MBTI® Step I certified, you can gain deeper insight for improving performance with certification in the MBTI® Step II instrument.

People are unique, and that’s why those with the same four-letter MBTI® personality type can be very different. Behind any given MBTI® type is an individual with their own composition of preferences.

The MBTI® Step II assessment looks at the ‘facets’ behind every preference pair, to reveal how an individual’s personality type is really composed. The one-day MBTI® Step II Virtual Certification Program shows how you can apply deeper insight to tackle key challenges in organisations, such as communication and decision-making.


The MBTI® Step II instrument:

  • Includes the Step I items plus additional items
  • Provides results on 20 facets of four-letter type
  • Drills down to a finer level of detail and explores individual variations within type


With their Step II interpreted results, individuals can:

  • Better understand and relate to people who share their type
  • Explore distinctive ways they may express their type
  • Apply their learning to enhance their professional development (communication, change management, conflict management, etc.)

Upon successful completion of the one-day program you will be eligible to purchase the MBTI® Step II materials, including:

  • MBTI® Step II Profile Report
  • MBTI® Step II Interpretive Report
  • Understanding Your MBTI® Step II Results


Program materials include:

  • Participant Resource Guide
  • Practitioner tools provided on USB
  • MBTI® Manual for the Global Step I and Step II Assessments (4th ed.)
  • MBTI® Step II User's Guide
  • Understanding Your MBTI® Global Step II Results
  • MBTI® Step II Feedback Cards
  • MBTI® Global Step II Interpretive Report
  • MBTI® Global Step II Interpretive Report provided for post-program practice through Elevate®

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