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TKI® Activity: Sharing Conflict Insights (PDF)

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TKI® Activity: Sharing Conflict Insights (PDF)
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TKI® Activity: Sharing Conflict Insights (PDF)

Looking for a simple but powerful TKI® activity to conduct or summarise your conflict-handling workshop?

Use this tried and true activity to have participants apply their learning to real-life situations. By asking participants to describe in writing two recent conflict situations, they can share insights with the other participants into how they might approach the same situation differently and how their style was appropriate or inappropriate. Your role as facilitator is to have an open, non-threatening discussion and to reinforce key learnings from the workshop. Stand back and watch the "aha” moments.

Objective: to enable participants to share real-life situations and discuss what they have learned in the TKI® conflict-handling workshop being conducted.

  • Time frame: 30 minutes
  • Materials included: activity instructions
  • Additional materials required: notebook paper for participants


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