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TKI® Activity: Rapid-Fire Response (PDF)

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TKI® Activity: Rapid-Fire Response (PDF)
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TKI® Activity: Rapid-Fire Response (PDF)

What does a "competing” response to a given situation sound like?

This quick-thinking and lively TKI® activity allows your participants to become really familiar with responses of each conflict-handling style. The group stands in a circle. As the facilitator, you describe a situation, and then toss a ball or soft object to one person and say the name of a conflict mode. That first person gives a response statement that demonstrates that conflict mode, and then tosses the ball to another person who gives another statement. Once every participant has given a response statement of that conflict mode, another round begins using a different conflict mode. At the end of each round, an energetic discussion occurs to reflect on the accuracy of the statements for that conflict mode. Participants learn to recognise the potential advantages and disadvantages of using different conflict styles in a given situation.

Objectives: to practice using different conflict modes by creating response statements to a given situation.

  • Time frame: 20-30 minutes
  • Materials included: activity instructions
  • Additional materials required: any item that is easy to toss and catch (such as a large rubber ball or beanbag)


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