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MBTI® Activity: What is Conflict? (PDF)(R) *

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MBTI® Activity: What is Conflict? (PDF)(R) *
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MBTI® Activity: What is Conflict? (PDF)(R) *

This is a great activity to get individuals thinking about how they define and respond to conflict. It helps illustrate the different ways that others might view and deal with similar situations. Through this reflective MBTI® exercise, participants come to understand how knowledge of type can assist in dealing with conflict and examine the unique perspectives driven by the conflict pairs.

Participants are required to consider their own experiences of conflict and to share their stories with others who have preferences for the same conflict pair – TJ, TP, FJ, or FP. As they report out to the larger group, your job is to draw attention to the distinct differences in conflict definitions and responses among the four conflict pairs.

Objective: to elicit examples of actual conflicts in which participants have been involved to try to understand how the situations are approached, and to demonstrate the consistency of these experiences in similar conflict pair groups.

  • Time frame: 50 minutes
  • Materials included: activity instructions, PowerPoint® slides, handouts
  • Additional materials required: flip chart, markers


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