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MBTI® Activity: Discovering Our Team's Facets (PDF)(R) *

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MBTI® Activity: Discovering Our Team's Facets (PDF)(R) *
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MBTI® Activity: Discovering Our Team's Facets (PDF)(R) *

This MBTI® activity will get your group up and moving, and learning about the MBTI® Step II facets. It works best when used with an intact team whose members are open to sharing their scores. Because it delves into each of the 20 facets to explore how the group's facet scores affect overall team functioning, the activity may be lengthy. However, it will reveal important individual differences that may be masked when only Step I type preferences are considered.

Members learn about each other's styles and take away a neutral vocabulary with which to discuss communication, problem-solving, conflict and other realms of teamwork.

Objective: to learn the meaning of the MBTI® Step II facets and facet poles, to apply the facets to understanding team members, and to identify both similarities and differences among team members.

  • Time frame: 75-180 minutes (or longer)
  • Materials included: activity instructions, PowerPoint® slides, handouts, facilitator worksheets, and briefing tools
  • Additional materials required: MBTI® Step II Profiles or Interpretive Reports, which offer individualised interpretations of facet results

This activity assumes that you have previously introduced Step II concepts and facets, and that participants have received and reviewed their Step II results.


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